Top 10 SEO Agencies

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is by far one of the most beneficial Internet marketing strategies you could implement for your website. When you decide to use an SEO campaign to increase your website traffic, you are essentially improving your website in ways that help it rank higher in search engines.

When your website ranks higher in search engines, it gets more clicks than it would if it were on page two or three of search results, or even at the bottom of page one.

Google ranks websites based on how helpful they are to users, how good the user experience is, and also the amount of links the site has coming in. That being said, the process of SEO combines all of these things to ensure that your website gets more traffic.

SEO ensures that your content targets your most high-quality leads, promotes links from high-domain sites, and more.

However, it can be hard to find an SEO company that is just right for your business. We’ve compiled a top 10 list to help you decide!

Rank Company  Location WebsiteTrust Score
1WebFXHarrisburg, PAGO TO SITE98.31
2Digital CurrentPhoenix, AZGO TO SITE46.75
3Ignite VisibilitySan Diego, CAGO TO SITE66.58
4BoostabilityGlobalGO TO SITE70.79
5Directive ConsultingOrange
County, CA
6NetmarkGlobalGO TO SITE30.05
7Search BloomHolladay, UTGO TO SITE19.39
8Always FoundFarmingdale, NYGO TO SITE11.42
9PerformicsGlobalGO TO SITE67.34
10Gate 6Scottsdale, AZGO TO SITE23.76

What does an SEO agency do?

In short, an SEO agency works to improve your website so that it ranks well in search engines. Without high rankings in search engine results pages, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll see thousands of website visitors flocking to your website. On the flip side, if you do hire an SEO agency to work on your website, you’ll see an increase in site traffic over time as well as an increase in sales and revenue.

Although SEO, or search engine optimization is one of the most effective marketing strategies out there, some businesses still question what exactly an SEO agency can do for their business. Here are some techniques that SEO agencies use to get your website in tip-top shape for search engines.

1. Keyword research

Keyword research is the base of any SEO pyramid. Keywords are what help you to rank for topics that mean the most to your industry, and that ultimately lead to more clicks to your website.

The best SEO companies will start by getting to know your industry, and what keywords your target audience searches for the most. Keyword research also involves taking note of what keywords have a high search volume and a low competition. This combo is key. Your SEO agency will make a list of top keywords and work on planning content around them.

2. Content creation and implementation

Content creation happens after your SEO company has come up with a list of effective keywords. They’ll create content that is informative and beneficial to your target audience, while utilizing your top keywords. They’ll determine what keywords should be built out into what kind of content — for example, some keywords lend themselves better to blogs than long-form content.

The creation of content is key for ranking highly in search results. It’s unlikely that you’ll rank anywhere near the top spot if you don’t consistently post amazing content that targets top keywords — and that’s exactly what your SEO agency is there for.

3. Creating a great internal linking structure

Internal linking is another key part of ranking highly in Google. In order for Google to recognize the pages on your website, your website should have a strong internal linking structure.

This means that pages on your website link to each other, in a road map fashion. This also helps Google to index the pages on your website faster, and the faster they’re indexed, the faster they can rank.

4. Ensuring that your website is easy to use

Your SEO agency will also ensure that your website is easy to use, since Google wants to provide users with the best possible results for any given search query. Content is one thing, but ensuring that your website works properly is extremely important as well.

Your agency will take a look at your website’s page speed to ensure that all pages load quickly, along with other things like responsiveness to ensure that your website pages show up nicely on smartphones and tablets. All of these little elements work together to ensure that your site ranks highly in Google, which is the end goal.

Learn more about the SEO agencies on our list

1. WebFX


WebFX is a full-service digital agency based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania that specializes in SEO. WebFX is transparent with their pricing, offers free quotes to their customers and has proprietary marketing software that gives clients a marketplace advantage. They understand that every website and client is different too, which is why they offer custom SEO packages to accomplish any goal.

They provide a true package deal when it comes to SEO — they offer keyword research, web server analysis, local search optimization, and much more.

They’ve driven over $1 billion in revenue for their clients, launched over 1,128 websites, and continue to grow their client base every day.

They’ve served brands like CAT, ABF, Dover Downs, Lutron, Victor, and Havahart.

2. Digital Current


Digital Current has provided best-in-class SEO strategies to StubHub, Lowe’s, Nickelodeon, Marriott, and 1-800 Flowers from their headquarters in Mesa, Arizona.

Across all of their clients, the agency boasts an average of a 1,019% increase in average keyword ranking and a 950% increase in #1 keywords from SEO.

They understand SEO needs a solid foundation, so they provide keyword research that is based entirely on the client’s business, customers, and competition. Digital Current also helps clients produce high-quality content and earn links from industry leaders so they always have abundant traffic to their website.

Though they’re known for SEO, Digital Current also provides paid search marketing, conversion optimization, and content marketing.

3. Ignite Visibility


Ignite Visibility is an award-winning SEO company in San Diego, California that has served clients including Mission Federal Credit Union, Platt College, Medifast, Flippin’ Pizza, Ideator, and Energy Muse.

Along with their team of professional SEO specialists, they also have teams of conversion rate optimization experts, freelance writers, public relations specialists, graphic designers, and web developers, making them a full service agency.

It’s easy to understand how Ignite Visibility was recently named the #1 SEO company in the United States by Clutch. Their strategies deliver results, and they’re fully transparent with their clients.

They provide SEO, local SEO, international SEO, digital PR, link building, and SEO consulting. They also have a 6-step process in place to implement whichever strategies a client chooses.

They’ll start off with keyword analysis, keyword assignment, on-site SEO, content development, internal link optimization, and advanced SEO.

4. Boostability


Located in Lehi, Utah, Boostability provides their SEO services to businesses in all industries that want to improve their online presence with SEO.

Boostability offers a laundry list of SEO services, including link development, blog content creation, local search optimization, directory listing, business profile optimization, onsite SEO edits, social bookmarking, and social media marketing. They even offer a free website analysis!

Dori Jones Yang, Tipton Landscaping, K&C Fence Co., and Sun Valley Animal Hospital have all seen success from Boostability.

5. Directive Consulting


Located in Orange County, California, Directive Consulting offers top-notch SEO services that’s endorsed by Moz Local, Unbounce, Bing Ads, and Google itself.

They offer a free SEO proposal to potential clients. When a client signs up, Directive Consulting implements strategies based on each specific client’s goals.

Their approach to SEO starts by performing an audit of their client’s site to find opportunities for improvement.

They’ll then perform a content audit to evaluate a site’s keyword relevance and organization. On-page optimization comes next to bring every page on a site up to speed.

Directive Consulting also ensures that clients’ websites are fast, easily accessible, and well-organized. They also provide analytics so their clients can understand how their website is performing and how it could be improved.

Clients that have reaped the benefits of Directive Consulting’s strategies include Clutch, Allstate, Salt Creek Grille, List Reports, and SentinelOne.

6. Netmark


Located in Idaho Falls, Idaho, Netmark is known for using multiple SEO strategies in tandem to create the best results for their clients.

In 2007, Netmark primarily provided SEO to customers. But soon, they realized they needed to adopt more services for their larger clients, like Hallmark, Baylor University, Bay State College, Arena Solutions, and Red Fern Companions.

Today, Netmark provides content marketing, reputation management, search engine marketing, social media marketing, user experience design, web design, and web maintenance.  In addition, they deliver content planning, production, and promotion, which is one of the most important factors of SEO.

They have a proven SEO process that is guaranteed to provide the best results for their clients, and it starts with the development of the campaign. They also provide site fortification and link detoxification to make their clients’ websites a stable base from which SEO can be performed.

7. Search Bloom


Search Bloom uses SEO to create brand awareness for its clients from its headquarters in Holladay, Utah.

They call themselves geeks because they are experts in the fields of coding, designing, and online marketing. They also provide PPC, CRO, design, and social media.

Search Bloom is committed to the quality of their work, rather than the quantity. That lets their SEO strategies earn long-term results for clients, which include GoBacon Jerky, Nature’s Seed, DeWils, BodyGuardz, and Social Vantage.

8. Always Found


Always Found is a New York SEO agency that lives by a detail-oriented approach to their craft. As their name implies, they always help their clients “get found” online.

Before the agency offers their work to clients, they first offer SEO consultation to ensure that SEO is exactly what the customer needs. They always want to ensure that their services are worth the time and money of the client.

If the client decides to partner with Always Found, they can get full service SEO that includes keyword research, competitor analysis, user persona development, and technical SEO.

Rug&Home, Valley Lighting, the BP Group, and are just some of Always Found’s most impressive clients.

9. Performics


Performics has been specializing in SEO since their beginnings in 1998. Ever since, they’ve improved their technology and media to keep up with modern trends.

They have multiple goals with SEO, like improved navigation and higher position in results pages – and they provide them all for their clients. Some of their past clients include HP, Kohls, H&M, Kiehls, Nestle, Airtel, and Wynk Music.

They ensure that their clients’ customers can find them online by providing a solid base for indexation through keyword research and content optimization. For Performics, SEO is just the beginning.  They can also implement PPC campaigns to combine organic rankings with paid listings.

Finally, Performics evaluates their clients’ entire websites to ensure that they’re getting the best results – all followed by analysis to spot the areas that could use improvement.

10. Gate 6


Gate 6 was founded in 2002 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Using modern best practices, Gate 6 ensures that their clients’ websites attract targeted, high-quality traffic, increasing conversions and customers.

They also offer local SEO, quarterly reporting, and Schema markup on appropriate pages.

But that’s not all – Gate 6 also offers SEO audits, quarterly strategic planning, competitive SERP analysis, monthly reporting, referral acquisition, and SEO content analysis.

They’ve provided their services for VMI, Knight Transportation, Arizona Nutritional Supplements, ABcom, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and Crescent Crown Distributors.

Which SEO agency is the best for my business?

We hope our top 10 list of SEO agencies helped you to narrow your search, but you may be wondering which one is the perfect fit for your business.

The only way to find the perfect agency is to do your research.

Start by visiting their website. Do research on their company, their culture, location, pricing, and testimonials.

When you understand the agency and its culture, you’ll be able to decide if you think they are a good fit as an SEO partner. Did you come across a link on their site that shows how they support a local charity? Does their company culture fit with your company culture? These are all questions you can answer by checking out an agency’s website.

Next, you should research the locations of their offices. If you’d feel better sitting down in person to talk about your SEO campaign, an agency with a close location would be best for you. If over-the-phone communication suits you, location won’t be as big of a deciding factor.

You should always make sure that you look at the pricing of the SEO agency, and know and understand your own budget. Start your research with a figure in mind of how much you can spend per month on SEO, and if the agency doesn’t offer that pricing, check them off your list.

Lastly, check out the agencies testimonials. Testimonials are videos or textual proof that other clients enjoyed an agencies services. They can afford you some valuable insight into whether or not the agency is a good fit for you and your business.

We hope we’ve helped you find your perfect SEO agency!

How is Trust Rank calculated?

At Aajogo cassino online, we manually review every business listed on our site. We also run some algorithmic calculations that we’ve developed called Trust Score. This number is a reflection of several different key agency business metrics: visibility, awards, reviews, growth rate and more.