Best Content Marketing Agencies

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “content is king,” you’ve heard wise words. Content is what makes the marketing world go around, and without it, it’s unlikely that you’ll have any marketing success.

That might be hard to believe but remember that content can come in many different forms. Whether its written content, blogs, videos, or even graphics, content comes in different shapes and sizes to delight and provide information for your target consumers.

However, your content will only see success if you have a content marketing campaign in place and hiring one of the best content marketing agencies is a great place to start.

On this page, we’ll give you an extensive list of content marketing agencies ranked by our detailed algorithm. We’ll also talk about what the best content marketing agencies do, and how you can choose an agency that’s right for your business.

Top content marketing agencies of 2019

RankCompany WebsiteHourly PricingLocationEmployees
1Bop DesignGo To Site$150 - $199San Diego, CA10 - 49
2Content BoostGo To Site$100 - $149Norwalk, CT10 - 49
397th FloorGo To Site$150 - $199Lehi, UT50 - 249
4SPROUT ContentGo To Site$100 - $149Denver, CO10 - 49
5ScriptedGo To Site$50 - $99San Francisco, CA10 - 49
6Revenue River MarketingGo To Site$100 - $149Golden, CO10 - 49
7nDash.coGo To Site$50 - $99Natick, MA2 - 9
8Ghergich & Co.Go To Site$200 - $300Saint Louis, MO10 - 49
9Column FiveGo To Site$150 - $199Irvine, CA50 - 249
10Editor GroupGo To Site$150 - $199Sydney,10 - 49
11Movable MediaGo To Site$200 - $300Stamford, CT10 - 49
12EnVeritas GroupGo To Site$100 - $149Greenville, SC10 - 49
13Content HarmonyGo To Site$150 - $199Seattle, WA10 - 49
14Avalaunch MediaGo To Site$100 - $149Lehi, UT10 - 49
15ModicumGo To Site$100 - $149New York, NY10 - 49
16BraftonGo To Site$150 - $199Boston, MA250 - 999
17PyxlGo To Site$100 - $149Scottsdale, AZ50 - 249
18BrandpointGo To SiteHopkins, MN50 - 249
19CosmittoGo To Site$50 - $99Pittsburgh, PA10 - 49
20FractlGo To SiteDelray Beach, FL50 - 249

Why do I need to hire a top content marketing agency?

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to hire a content marketing agency, we can help you decide.

Here are a few things to consider if you’re not sure:

You should probably hire a content marketing agency if:

  • You don’t have the time to dedicate to creating stellar content for your website. Plain and simple, if you don’t have the time to create amazing content for your business, you’re missing out on sales. Your content is likely what draws users to your website, and without it, your competition is getting all the sales.Creating create content takes time, and if you don’t have it, it’s best to hire a content marketing agency.


  • You have no knowledge of content creation. If you’ve never written a day in your life, or have no experience with keyword research, content outlines, or topic research, it’s probably best to hand your content marketing campaign off to a professional content marketing agency.They are trained professionals when it comes to creating content that satisfies the user’s intent so that it has the ability to rank high in search engines. The higher it ranks, the more website traffic you receive. That being said, the importance of creating quality content is astounding.


  • You want to ramp up content production. If your company is already cranking out content left and right, but you don’t have the capabilities to create more, it’s time to hire one of the best content marketing agencies on our list.Not only is the quality of content important, but if you run a business blog, for example, and don’t have time to create fresh, new content for users, it won’t have any value.


  • You want to improve the effectiveness of your current content. Even if you’ve created content for your website in the past, you may not have seen the return you were expecting. For example, if you wrote a blog on one of your products, expecting it to entice users to buy, but hardly got any traffic, that’s where one of the best content marketing agencies of 2019 can help you succeed.They’re experts at their craft and will be able to improve on your old content and create new content in order to increase traffic to your website.

You probably don’t need a content marketing agency if:

  • You’re completely satisfied with your site traffic. If you’re completely satisfied with the traffic your website receives on a daily basis and there is no room for improvement, you probably don’t need to hire a content marketing agency.
  • Someone on your team has the time and talent to write amazing content. If you already have an in-house team member that is fantastic at writing targeted content that delivers, you probably don’t need to hire a content marketing agency.
  • You don’t want to increase sales and revenue. If you’re satisfied with the number of sales your business drives, there is no need to create more content to drive more sales! That means you likely don’t need to hire a content marketing agency.

How can a top content marketing agency benefit my business?

If you’ve decided that hiring a content marketing agency is the best decision for your business, congratulations! There are very few businesses out there that can truly say that they’re happy with their site traffic, sales, and revenue that haven’t yet invested in content marketing.

That being said, you still might be wondering what a content marketing agency can do for your business. Let’s dive into all the ways that a content marketing agency can benefit your business.

They can help you drive more traffic to your website

One of the biggest benefits of content marketing, and hiring a top content marketing agency, is the fact that they can help you increase website traffic. You might thing that sounds like a stretch, but it’s true.

Let’s start with Google. Google’s goal is to provide the best possible results for searchers. They want to ensure that the pages they recommend answer a user’s question, informs them, and delights them — all at the same time. Google’s algorithm is full of stipulations that help you rank highly, but if you don’t have content, Google has nothing to rank.

That being said, content marketing agencies can help you create content that Google can rank, and when you rank highly, you’ll gain more site traffic.

Now, ranking is only half the battle. You need to rank highly to see an increase in traffic.

Keep reading to learn how the best content marketing companies help your website to rank highly in search engines.

They create target content that fits search intent

Ranking in search results is one thing but ranking highly in search results is another. The best content marketing companies understand that in order to help you rank highly, they have to do keyword research and create content that fits exactly what the user is looking for.

They have the expertise to know exactly how to find the keywords that your target audience is searching in Google, which allows them to draw your target audience to your website with your targeted content.

The best content marketing firms are also familiar with search intent, which is determining what exactly users want to know. After they determine search intent, they can create content that caters to that, too.

How to choose the best content marketing company

With so many choices out there, it can be difficult to choose exactly what content marketing company is right for you. Here are some tips:

1. Set a budget

Budget is important when it comes to marketing, and you should start by setting a budget and sticking to it. This makes it easy to cross agencies off your list that are just too expensive.

You should always look to hire a content marketing agency that has transparent pricing online.

2. Do your research

You should never sign on the dotted line before doing ample research. With so many content marketing agencies out there, you should consider what each one has to offer before making a final choice.

When you’re doing your research, you should be sure to talk to each agency on the phone to determine exactly how their agency works, what they can provide for you, results they’ve driven in the past, and if they’ve worked in your industry.

3. Look at their reviews

Reviews are extremely helpful in helping you decide on a content marketing agency. A staggering 91% of people read reviews, so its no doubt that they’re important to someone’s overall opinion of an agency.

Online reviews can help you determine how other clients like a content marketing agency’s services, and help you better determine if they’re an agency you want to work with.

We know our list will lead you to the best content marketing agency for you

By the end of this article, you’ve probably determined that it’s your best bet to opt for a content marketing campaign if you want to see business growth — and you can rest assured that you’re making the right decision!

We hope our list of the best content marketing agencies will lead you to the perfect content marketing company for you. We know you won’t be disappointed!