Best Digital Advertising Agencies in New York

Digital advertising is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website, increase brand awareness, and convert more leads. By using strategies like SEO, PPC, content marketing, social marketing, and others, your digital advertising agency can do just that for your business.

But in order to be one of the best digital advertising agencies in the business, it takes something special – meeting all of those criteria, and more.

If your New York business wants to start a digital advertising campaign to take it to the next level, we understand. We know that all too often, you’re focused on running your business, and are often left without the in-house team required to handle your marketing strategy. That’s where New York advertising agencies come in.

To help you find the perfect digital advertising agency for you, we took a look at the best digital ad agencies in New York – ones that offered all the results of a great ad agency and that extra sparkle – and compiled them into a list.

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Delucchi Plus knows that in order to gain customers and drive quality traffic, brands have to create the right message, use the right channels, and know exactly when to advertise. They are unique in that they use extremely detailed strategies to create the perfect brand for their clients. Their strategies begin with audience identification, mood boards, positioning, logo design, creative concept development, brand playbooks, style guides, letterhead design, marketing collateral packages, and marketing plan development. These are all just beginning stages that allow Delucchi to get to know their clients better. In terms of advertising, they offer the creation of promotional products, print advertising, direct mail, trend reports, white papers, packaged content, video production, photography, presentations, online advertising, and more. Delucchi Plus has no shortage of services, and they have no shortage of impressive clients either. They’ve worked with brands such as Nike, Mrs. Fields, Johnson & Johnson, Holiday Inn, and Washington Humane Society.

dfDeep Focus wants to build brands based on existing culture that already shapes the lives of their clients’ customers. Before designing the perfect advertising campaign, Deep Focus works to track the client’s brand so that they understand everything about the company before designing a strategy. This has been the start for some of the agency’s most impressive clients, including Lay’s, Xbox, Purina, Starbucks, Intel, and Crocs. They’ll then send the information to the design team where they’ll design and execute a brand campaign with the use of digital video production, website development, app development, product development, branded entertainment, real-time event marketing, one-to-one social engagement, and more.


Blue Fountain Media is dedicated to growing brands online with more strategies than just advertising. In their display advertising department, they refuse to let their clients waste their budget on traditional display ads, and rather help them pay less by targeting their most qualified audience. Blue Fountain targets their clients’ advertising campaigns to age, location, annual income, and even employment. Not only do they target ads by demographic, but also by the precise time that customers are online and searching. They call this kind of targeting PinPoint, and it allows their clients like P&G, AT&T, NASA, NFL, Canon, and Toys R Us to save money and see results.

RankCompany WebsitePricingLocationEmployees
1Delucchi PlusGO TO SITE$100 - $149New York50 - 249
2Deep FocusGO TO SITE$150 - $199New York10 - 49
3Blue Fountain MediaGO TO SITE$100 - $149New York250 - 999
4Column FiveGO TO SITE$150 - $199Brooklyn50 - 249
5R2integratedGO TO SITE$150 - $199New York 50 - 249
6Blue WaterGO TO SITE$150 - $199New York50 - 249
7York & ChapelGO TO SITE$150 - $199Brooklyn10 - 49
8Mediaforce Digital Marketing AgencyGO TO SITE$100 - $149New York10 - 49
9Greater Than OneGO TO SITE$100 - $149New York50 - 249
10adCookieGO TO SITE$25 - $49New York10 - 49
11Socialfix MediaGO TO SITE$100 - $149New York50 - 249
12WpromoteGO TO SITE$150 - $199New York250 - 999
13Reklam5 Digital AgencyGO TO SITE$50 - $99New York10 - 49
14DigitaluxGO TO SITE$100 - $149Hoboken, NJ2 - 9
15VirtusaPolarisGO TO SITE< $25New York1,000 - 9,999
16PiroGO TO SITE$150 - $199New York10 - 49
17WebiMaxGO TO SITE$100 - $149New York50 - 249
18Definition 6GO TO SITE$100 - $149New York50 - 249
19QNY CreativeGO TO SITE$150 - $199New York10 - 49
20BeyondGO TO SITE$150 - $199New York50 - 249
21BeyondGO TO SITE$150 - $199New York50 - 249
22The MechanismGO TO SITE$200 - $300New York10 - 49
233Q DigitalGO TO SITENANew York50 - 249
24Lform DesignGO TO SITE$150 - $199Verona, NJ2 - 9
25MultiVision Digital ProductionsGO TO SITE$100 - $149New York2 - 9
26KOUNTERATTACKGO TO SITE$100 - $149New York City10 - 49
27Disual Online MarketingGO TO SITE$100 - $149Brooklyn10 - 49
28The Byne GroupGO TO SITE$100 - $149Montclair, NJ2 - 9
29Blue Label LabsGO TO SITE$100 - $149New York10 - 49
30The WonderfactoryGO TO SITE$100 - $149New York10 - 49
31SmartNet SolutionsGO TO SITE$100 - $149New York2 - 9
32SayprGO TO SITE$50 - $99New York10 - 49
33Search Marketing GroupGO TO SITE$100 - $149Englewood Cliffs, NJ10 - 49
34Prolific InteractiveGO TO SITE$150 - $199Brooklyn50 - 249
35Vector Media GroupGO TO SITE$150 - $199New York10 - 49
36Liqui-SiteGO TO SITE$150 - $199Hoboken, NJ10 - 49
37Suits & SandalsGO TO SITE$150 - $199Brooklyn2 - 9
38EIC AgencyGO TO SITE$100 - $149New York10 - 49
393rd EdgeGO TO SITE$150 - $199New York2 - 9
40SmartSitesGO TO SITE$100 - $149Paramus, NJ10 - 49
41HungryGO TO SITE$150 - $199New York 10 - 49
42PerfecentGO TO SITENATotowa, NJ10 - 49
43Main Street ROIGO TO SITE$100 - $149New York2 - 9
44InovatGO TO SITE$100 - $149New York2 - 9
45Wve LabsGO TO SITE$25 - $49New York50 - 249
46NoticedGO TO SITE$150 - $199New York50 - 249
476D Global TechnologiesGO TO SITE$150 - $199New York50 - 249
48Staple WebGO TO SITENANew YorkFreelancer
49Limegrow Web DevelopmentGO TO SITE$50 - $99New York 10 - 49
50Callahan & Toolen Digital ServicesGO TO SITE$25 - $49Kearny , NJFreelancer

Which New York digital advertising agency is right for me?

Though we can supply you with the 10 best digital advertising agencies in New York, we can’t tell you which one is perfect for your business.

Every business is different, and so are their needs. Your business might be more focused on a social media based strategy, while other businesses may be more interested in SEO. Though these agencies are the best in New York, it’ll take some research on your part to decide which agency is right for you and your business goals.

1. Do your research and don’t settle

You should always start by researching the agency before committing or signing any contracts. You should visit their websites to learn more about their style, approach, and how much they charge for their services.

If their style seems to be a little different than what you had in mind, don’t settle! There is an agency out there that has all the offerings you desire. You can pick up on an agencies style by looking at some of the work they’ve done before in their portfolio.

2. Look through their portfolio

Speaking of a portfolio, you should always be sure that the agency you’re considering has one. Without one, they could be trying to hide their work, or they don’t have enough experience to post their work. Either way, an agency without a portfolio is rarely a good thing.

3. Research business plans

After looking at their portfolio, you should read up on their business plans and how they handle their clients. If they seem to offer everything you’re looking for, and tackle goals, communicate efficiently and provide progress updates, they could be the right agency for you.

4. Consider budget

Lastly, make sure that the agency fits your budget. It’s never a good thing when you commit to an agency that is out of your price range. Make sure they offer what you’re looking for, for a cost that fits your unique business budget.

You should start with setting a budget right off the bat. If an agency doesn’t fit that budget that you have set, cross them off of your list! There is an agency out there that fits your budget, and until you find them, you shouldn’t settle for one that will cause financial hardship for your business.

What makes the best digital advertising agency?

There are a few things that all the best digital advertising agencies have in common. Here’s what we came up with:

1. They’re transparent

The best advertising agencies are transparent with everything from pricing to goals. When you’re researching digital advertising agencies in New York, you should look to find one that publishes their pricing online. This tells you that they don’t have any hidden costs or fees, and they want to make sure that you know up front if you’re able to afford their services.

The best agencies will also be transparent when talking about your goals. If you’re having a conversation about what you hope to accomplish in the next month, and it’s completely out of reach, the agency should be upfront with you in telling you that they’ll need more time to create results like that.

If they make it seem like no goal is too lofty, they might not be the right agency for you.

2. They’ve been around for a while

The best agencies aren’t just getting started – they’ve had time to go through business trials of their own, and had the opportunity to provide results to hundreds of clients. If you’re interested in a business that’s just getting started, you may want to consider looking for one that has a bit more experience.

3. They have tons of testimonials

The best of the best in digital advertising agencies will have hundreds of testimonials. Testimonials are when previous clients willingly talk about the fantastic experience they’ve had with an agency.

You can rest assured that a digital agency is the real deal when they have hundreds of fantastic testimonials on their website.

Find the New York digital advertising agency for you!

Though we can’t tell you exactly which New York advertising agency is right for you, we can provide you with a top 10 list, and all the tips that will allow you to find your perfect advertising partner.

We hope our top 10 list has led you to your perfect New York digital advertising agency!