Top 50 Dallas Digital Marketing Companies

Digital marketing can go a long way for your Dallas business. Matter of fact, without it, you may find yourself with low website traffic, low conversions, and not much brand awareness. But that can all change with the right digital marketing company.

Below, we’ve ranked 50 of our favorite Dallas digital marketing companies. We’re sure you’ll find the right fit for you!

Rank   Company Price Level City/State Employees Website
1Digital Success$$$Carrollton, TX50 - 249GO TO SITE
2WrightIMC$$$$Plano, TX10 - 49GO TO SITE
3Thrive Internet Marketing Agency$$$Dallas, TX10 - 49GO TO SITE
4Wpromote$$$$Dallas, TX250 - 999GO TO SITE
5MultiView$$$Irving, TX250 - 999GO TO SITE
6Vizion Interactive$$$$$Irving, TX10 - 49GO TO SITE
7madison/miles media$$$Arlington, TX10 - 49GO TO SITE
8Advantix Digital$$$$Addison, TX10 - 49GO TO SITE
9Belo + Company$$$$Dallas, TX50 - 249GO TO SITE
10opanco$$$Dallas, TX2 - 9GO TO SITE
11Click4Corp$$$Dallas, TX10 - 49GO TO SITE
12Agency Entourage$$$$Dallas, TX10 - 49GO TO SITE
13Gershoni Creative Agency$$$Dallas, TX10 - 49GO TO SITE
14Frontier Marketing$$$Irving, TX2 - 9GO TO SITE
15The Old State$$$$Dallas, TX10 - 49GO TO SITE
16Miller Ad Agency$Dallas, TX10 - 49GO TO SITE
17RUNNER Agency$$$Dallas, TX10 - 49GO TO SITE
18BizComPR$$$Plano, TX10 - 49GO TO SITE
19Epsilon$$$$Irving, TX1,000 - 9,999GO TO SITE
20Red Spot Design$$$Dallas, TX2 - 9GO TO SITE
21Magic Logix$$$$Carrollton, TX10 - 49GO TO SITE
22JSL Marketing & Web Design$$$Dallas, TX2 - 9GO TO SITE
23Groove Jones$$$$Dallas, TX10 - 49GO TO SITE
4TrizCom PR$$$$Dallas, TX10 - 49GO TO SITE
25Big Hit Creative Group$$$$$Garland, TX2 - 9GO TO SITE
26CI Web Group Inc.$$$Plano, TX10 - 49GO TO SITE
27Atomic Design & Consulting$$$Plano, TX10 - 49GO TO SITE
28Sq1$$$$Dallas, TX50 - 249GO TO SITE
29Mirum Agency$$$Irving, TX1,000 - 9,999GO TO SITE
30Marketing Zen$$$Dallas, TX10 - 49GO TO SITE
31MXM (Meredith Xcelerated Marketing)$$$$Addison, TX250 - 999GO TO SITE
32Greenlight$$$Dallas, TX250 - 999GO TO SITE
33Apollo Interactive$$$Dallas, TX10 - 49GO TO SITE
34Eighty Three Creative$Dallas, TX10 - 49GO TO SITE
35Fanscape$$$$Dallas, TX50 - 249GO TO SITE
36ioVista$$$Dallas, TX2 - 9GO TO SITE
37BuzzShift$$Dallas, TX10 - 49GO TO SITE
38Inspire$$$Dallas, TX10 - 49GO TO SITE
39Dallas SEO Dogs$$$Dallas, TX10 - 49GO TO SITE
40Visual App$$Richardson, TX2 - 9GO TO SITE
41The Info Group$$$Irving, TX2 - 9GO TO SITE
42Host Media$$$Farmers Branch, TX2 - 9GO TO SITE
43JDM Digital$$$Dallas, TX2 - 9GO TO SITE
44Critical Launch$$$Dallas, TX2 - 9GO TO SITE
45Pierpont Communications$$$$Dallas, TX10 - 49GO TO SITE
46Funnel Science$$$PLANO, TX2 - 9GO TO SITE
47BizTraffic$$$Dallas, TX2 - 9GO TO SITE
48TracyLocke$$$Dallas, TX250 - 999GO TO SITE
49Advance Web Promotions$$$Bedford, TX2 - 9GO TO SITE
50The Point Group$$$Dallas, TX50 - 249GO TO SITE

Important questions to ask digital marketing agencies

When approaching a digital marketing agency for their services, there are obvious questions you know you want to ask.

For instance, is this worth the investment? What makes your agency the best of the best?

There are probably a large number of questions you have. There are also some questions that are vital to ask and know the answer to. This will allow you to know whether or not you should purchase their service or keep looking for a company that fits your business more appropriately.

How much is this going to cost?

Essentially, what am I buying and why is it so expensive. Most digital marketing companies should have this information available in a spreadsheet breakdown or clearly available on their site. If they do not, be wary.

You wouldn’t spend a few thousand dollars for something behind a closed door, so why would you do that for digital marketing?

The truth of the matter is businesses are different, websites are different and services are different. If you work in the service industry, you know this to be true. Just think of two jobs that were priced the same but took completely different lengths of time. This is how it works with your website.

How much should I spend?

This is a weird question that you may not have considered asking, especially because they will probably tell you to buy the largest package. For the most part, the cost depends on your site. If your site is in good shape, you don’t have to spend as much.

It is like taking your car to a shop. Does it need the brakes replaced or the whole engine replaced? You can determine how much work your site needs by getting multiple audits by other businesses. Whatever seems to be said consistently is probably something your site needs.

On top of these preparatory questions, it is important to go more in depth with certain questions.

This gives a breakdown of what a digital marketing company can do for your business and how long it takes to see SEO results. These questions are important because they do not have a defined answer.

What can digital marketing companies do for your Dallas business?

They can do a lot or nothing at all. It all depends on the digital marketing company you find. Let’s look at the effective and positive side of search engine optimization (SEO) then delve into negative practices.

This will help convey how vital it is to choose an effective digital marketing agency that puts your needs first.

If you want an effective digital marketing campaign, you will have a digital marketer who views your success as their success. This point of view will lead to an effective business partnership. It truly is a partnership because your internet marketer becomes like an employee for your business.

Why don’t I just hire an internet marketer for my business? You can do that, but it is less effective. Your digital marketer will not have other colleagues who are also growing in the same industry and informing them of timely changes to Google’s algorithm.

A digital Marketing agency will be performing at peak performance levels and approach your site with a whole team at their backs.

So what are the positive practices internet marketers will implement to optimize your site?

Internet marketers will increase your site’s quality by adding relevant content. They will then build your site’s links by trying to get external sites to link to the content on your site.

They’re able to do this by creating press releases, writing content for other sites that link to yours among other strategies. Links are an extremely vital part of building your site’s quality. These two actions along with a broad amount of site optimization will play a major role in you showing up in search engines and ranking above your competitors.

A digital marketing business that does not use appropriate tactics will use black hat techniques. These are techniques that Google has essentially dubbed as bad internet marketing.

They will copy content from other sources or simply fill pages with keywords. They will also reach out to spam sites and get a huge amount of links to your site. You will see a huge jump in traffic to your site, but no change in conversions. In the end, Google will penalize your site and damage your rankings. It is hard to come back from a penalization.

A good idea is for you to find a specialized Digital Marketing Agency. For instance, if you are only targeting Dallas why would you need to rank in New York or Florida? Getting an SEO plan that targets local customers is an effective use of your money and time. This specialization will benefit your business the same if not more than general SEO.

How long does digital marketing take to work?

This is the golden ticket question.

It is actually determined by multiple factors. A lot of the factors are unanswerable so there is a variety of timeframes your site could see. The speed of your site’s optimization is determined by how in shape your website is, how much you are spending to improve your website, how in shape your competitor’s website is, how much they are spending to improve their site’s SEO and finally, how good is your SEO company. If you outsource it to a foreign business, it is likely you will not get the same level of quality that you can find within the states.

How in shape is your site and your competitor’s site? This is determined by how much quality time is spent on it. Do you upload blog posts weekly, monthly or yearly? Is the content high quality? Is your site in HTML format? Are other businesses linking to articles on your site? Are they quality links or are they from low-quality sites? If your competitors are outranking you, that means their site is more optimized than yours. It will take a bit of time to catch up in the SEO race.

How much are they spending compared to you? This is hard to determine. If you spend the least amount of money and get the lowest level of search engine optimization you may never see your site improve in comparison to your competitors. Going back to the car analogy, you can’t win a race without an engine. If you buy a lawnmower engine for your car and they get a brand new car engine, you are going to lose.

The final determining factor is the digital marketing agency. You could be paying less than your competitor, but receiving higher quality work. That is why finding the perfect digital marketing agency is one of the most important parts of your site optimization process.

Picking the perfect digital agency

How do you make such an important decision? Ask a lot of questions as you get to know an agency. Research their past clients and see whether or not they were successful in optimizing their sites. Doing your homework can save your business large amounts of time, money and energy. How do you even find the perfect company for you? There are so many! Here are a few ways to find your future marketing partner.

Ask your friends. If you work with any other businesses, ask if they have ever worked with a digital marketing agency before. Learn about their experience and what they liked or disliked. This will help you to get first-hand intel on how a business operates. Ask a lot of different businesses. If you do not know of many businesses that have worked on their SEO, go to networking events, send emails out inquiring.

Another way to learn about different companies is by getting them to do an audit for you. Take note of the entire experience. Did you enjoy it? Did they seem to have your best interests in mind? Have they ever worked with other businesses like yours? How are those businesses ranking? Think of how long it takes to interview for a new employee and double that time.

Another source to learn about reliability is third party sources. Reach out to your local chamber of commerce or check with news sources online. They provide this information for free because they want to benefit the local economy. All in all, remember the decision is up to you. Take your time through the hiring process and make sure the digital marketing agency has your best interests in mind.