Top Digital Marketing Agencies for Banks

Digital marketing can help your bank rank higher in search engines, which will bring more traffic to your website, increase conversions, and increase overall brand awareness.

So what are you waiting for? Below we’ve provided a list of the top 20 digital marketing agencies for banks, and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect fit for you!

Rank   CompanyGoTo Marketers Inc. City/State Employees Website
1GoTo Marketers Inc.$$$Toronto,10 - 49GO TO SITE
2Sweans Technologies$Wilmington, DE50 - 249GO TO SITE
3Intalyse$$$Colchester,50 - 249GO TO SITE
4Local Search Masters$$$Nashville, TN10 - 49GO TO SITE
5Inflow$$$$Denver, CO10 - 49GO TO SITE
6TopSpot Internet Marketing$$$Houston, TX50 - 249GO TO SITE
7King Crescent$New Delhi,10 - 49GO TO SITE$$$Draper, UT10 - 49GO TO SITE
9Intuitive Digital$$$Portland, OR10 - 49GO TO SITE
10Noble Studios$$$$Reno, NV10 - 49GO TO SITE
11Fractl$$$Delray Beach, FL50 - 249GO TO SITE
12Avalaunch Media$$$Lehi, UT10 - 49GO TO SITE
13inSegment$$$Newton, MA50 - 249GO TO SITE
14Page Zero Media$$$$Toronto,10 - 49GO TO SITE
1597 Switch$$$Chicago, IL10 - 49GO TO SITE
16Greenlight Digital$$$$$London,50 - 249GO TO SITE
17SEOValley Solutions Pvt. Ltd.$Bhopal,50 - 249GO TO SITE
18Absolute Digital Media$$$Chelmsford,10 - 49GO TO SITE
19Markitors$$$Scottsdale, AZ10 - 49GO TO SITE
20From the Future$$$$$Philadelphia, PA10 - 49GO TO SITE

What is digital marketing? Is digital marketing useful for banks? If you are a bank owner or employee you should definitely be considering digital marketing to take your bank to the next level! Banks can benefit from a variety of different digital marketing services. Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital channels to reach consumers. The objective is to promote brands through a variety of digital media. It can even extend further than internet marketing to include channels that require no internet connection.

Digital marketing services for banks can include content marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing, digital advertising, website analytics and many more!

Consider hiring a digital marketing agency to handle and manage all these services for your bank. They are trained professionals who have experience working with these services.

Important questions to ask digital marketing agencies

Before hiring a digital marketing agency you should ask them some questions to have a better understanding of their services being offered and their expertise in the banking industry. A good digital marketing agency should be able to handle all your questions that are related to the digital media industry. Try to be as thorough as possible to ensure that the agency you are choosing is the right fit for your bank.

Do you specialize in any particular industry or have you worked with banks before?

Banks can be a different industry for a digital marketing agency so you will want to find out if they have ever had any experiences working with a bank, credit union or something of similar nature. If they do, great! Then you can find out more details about some of the services that they recommend for banks of your size. If they have not, consider reviewing other material in their experience portfolio to see if there are any similarities that could apply to what you want for your bank.

Experience is key in digital marketing and you will want an agency that is trusted and has a proven track record of success with similar businesses to yours.

Will I see results in the short or long term?

Trick question! As someone who has done their research on digital marketing you should know that most if not all of the services that a digital company offers will take long term to generate positive results. Listen to how the digital marketing agency answers this question. If they tell you that you will see results in a couple days it could cause for some concern. A website cannot be optimized for success in such a short amount of time. They should answer that digital marketing is a long ongoing process and will take 6 months to a year to generate profitable results. Find out their projections of your potential project.

What is your communication channel like?

Find out how the agency communicates with its clients. You can do this through asking the agency or simply asking any clients that you know are partnered with the agency. A good digital marketing agency will keep an open communication channel with detailed reports on a regular basis as well as have regular business hours for phone calls or personal meetings.

Be upfront about the communication channel you as a bank owner would like. Banks usually have a local focus so find out how available they will be for meetings or if they specialize in the area which your bank is located.

What can digital marketing agencies do for your bank?

Digital marketing companies can take your banking business to the next level! The types of work that they can do will depend on your business. Some digital marketing companies have parameters such as amount of full time employees or revenue before you can contract with them so make sure to fit the criteria. The services that they offer or recommend for your bank will be based on what your bank needs. Familiarize yourself of the general services that most digital marketing companies offer to have a better understanding of what the company will be doing.

  • Content Marketing – Writing content for your banking website. They could write blog posts about industry terms or content on your services pages that better illustrate what services or products you offer with key terms which will help you rank on search queries.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Search engine optimization is a variety of internet related things. In the short it is optimizing your site so that you come up as a top ranking and relevant information source on search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo.
  • Social Media Marketing – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more! Allow social media gurus run your banks profiles so that they can be maximized to their full potential.
  • Email Marketing – Digital marketing agencies can help you with the e-blasts or sending out emails to your customer base to try and generate future leads or sales.
  • Digital Advertising – Advertising could be display related or written. In most cases it will be a part of a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign where you are paying for advertisements to be shown on search results within a particular search engine.
  • Analytics – Analytics is how the company will be measure such things like traffic, sessions, pages per session, cost per clicks and many more factors. You will want a digital marketing agency that is tracking micro and macro conversions from your site to better understand your overall digital marketing investment.

And More! These are just a few of the services that digital marketing agencies will have to offer. Learn what other banks have done in the past and get their expertise on insights of recommendations for your banking business.

It’s worth spending more on digital marketing because you are basically saving money by not having to hire, train and hope one person knows what they are doing. By hiring a digital marketing company you can easily outsource everything that is internet related to a professional team of experts!

How long does digital marketing take to produce results?

Depending on the services you choose for your bank digital marketing may take longer to see results. In rare cases you might be able to see results sooner but it depends on a variety of factors. Factors can include the services that you purchased, your market, competition in your market, brand recognition and more. Understanding that digital marketing is usually a longer process and takes time to see results is crucial in having a positive outlook on your investment. If you are looking for a quick fix to your digital presence then digital marketing might not be for you.

Generally, digital marketing can take 4 to 6 months to implement all the basic services and track them properly. After six months you may begin to see results depending on numerous factors.

Picking the perfect digital agency for your bank

A good digital marketing agency can help you stand out because they are experts in the field and know what it takes to make your bank even more successful. The perfect digital marketing agency should be understanding of your business and have some form of background in that industry. They should have an excellent design, management, development and strategic team that have dedicated personnel working on your project.

Things that you should keep in mind are that digital marketing may take time and it may be expensive. Really try to get an understanding of the company that you are contracting with and learn about their pricing vs the industry pricing. For quality digital marketing you may pay more but you will be with a company that is trusted in the industry and has driven profitable results for its clients. For banks, keep in mind factors like locality, focus and industry specialization. Banks can be a complex industry with difficult terms so you are going to want a digital marketing company that understands them.

The perfect digital marketing company for a bank is one that you trust to get the job done and be profitable in the long term!