Top Digital Marketing Agencies for Dentists

If you’re looking for a way to make your dental practice stand out online, digital marketing is the answer.

With so many digital marketing strategies available, you’ll see an increase in traffic, conversions, and brand awareness, just to name a few.

Below, we’ve provided you with the top 20 digital marketing agencies for dentists. Take a look!

Rank   CompanyStevens & Tate Marketing City/State Employees Website
1Stevens & Tate Marketing$$$Lombard, IL10 - 49GO TO SITE
2THP$$$Toronto,50 - 249GO TO SITE
3Spectrum Group Online$$$$San Jose, CA2 - 9GO TO SITE
4SmartSites$$$Paramus, NJ50 - 249GO TO SITE
5Ranksharks$$$Los Angeles, CA10 - 49GO TO SITE
6BERK Labs, LLC$$$Houston, TX2 - 9GO TO SITE
7PBJ Marketing$$$$Washington, DC10 - 49GO TO SITE
8Over The Top SEO$$$$Seattle, WA10 - 49GO TO SITE
9Inbics$Gurugram,10 - 49GO TO SITE
10Fade Digital$$$Toronto,2 - 9GO TO SITE
11LikeSocialBiz$$$Los Angeles, CA2 - 9GO TO SITE
12Absolute Mobile Solutions$$$Tampa, FL10 - 49GO TO SITE
13R2integrated$$$$Baltimore, MD50 - 249GO TO SITE
14Boostability$Lehi, UT250 - 999GO TO SITE
15Be Locally SEO$$$South Jordan, UT10 - 49GO TO SITE
16Agile Media$Bucharest,10 - 49GO TO SITE
17KO Websites, Inc.$$$Castro Valley, CA10 - 49GO TO SITE
18Vizion Interactive$$$$$Irving, TX10 - 49GO TO SITE
19Scripted$$San Francisco, CA10 - 49GO TO SITE
20Digital Shift$$$Kitchener,2 - 9GO TO SITE

Important questions to ask digital marketing agencies

When choosing a digital marketing agency to work with your dentist office, it’s important to ask a lot of questions. After all, you want to make sure you both have an understanding of what is expected from their services.

Not only do you want to make sure you’re both on the same page, but you also risk working with scammers and hustlers if you don’t ask the right questions. They only care about driving traffic in the short term and may even use practices that have been banned by Google, which could penalize your company’s website in the long run.  Some questions we suggest asking a digital marketing agency before hiring them for your dentist office would be:

  • Can you guarantee results?

The answer is no. If any digital marketing agency tells you otherwise, they’d have to own Google. Guaranteeing your office a number one spot on a search engine results page (SERP) or the first position for your PPC (pay-per-click) ad is impossible; Google is constantly changing their ranking algorithms and how they calculate quality score for ads, so results cannot be guaranteed by any agency. If they do manage to quickly move your site up in rankings to the top position, they are most likely using black-hat techniques that are frowned upon by Google. You want to be able to trust the company your office is going to be working with, meaning they should be honest and upfront with you, and no one can guarantee results; rankings can only be determined by search engines.

  • How long will it take for my rankings to improve?

While you can see changes in PPC advertising almost instantaneously, SEO (search engine optimization) can take up to 6 months after implementation before your website shows any improvement in rankings. Asking digital marketing agencies this question can help weed out any company that may purchase links, email lists or followers in order to show immediate results, all practices which are banned by Google.

  • What metrics do you think are the most important to measure?

You can never have enough data when it comes to your website; however, the most important information to measure tends to be leads and sales. You want a digital marketing team that connects their strategy to your bottom line; your agency should be able to demonstrate how improving your website traffic will lead to improvement in overall conversion. While measuring other metrics such as bounce rate and number of sessions can be useful information, everything should still tie back to the bottom line. Just focusing on improving traffic or page views isn’t always a good idea if they’re not also driving home your end goal, unless you’re trying to promote brand awareness. Really, the agency should be reporting on the metrics you care about, so make sure to let them know what is most important to your dentistry business.

  • Have you worked with a similar company in the dentistry industry before?

Asking about an agency’s experience is a great start to determining if they’re a good fit for your company. Digital marketing agencies need to be somewhat familiar with what marketing for a dentist office entails, and having worked with similar clients can be helpful. They’ll already be familiar with what ranks well for dentistry and what doesn’t, and be able to provide quality content, as well as optimize web pages for the right keywords and phrases. Having previous experience will also help them guide you through a social media campaign and PPC advertising if it’s right for your company.

What can digital marketing companies do for your dental practice?

Digital marketing agencies tend to focus on four key campaign strategies when working with your business: SEO, PPC, social media and website redesign. These four areas can work together to create a strong brand image and Internet presence for your dental practice.

SEO: Search engine optimization focuses on long-term results for your company’s website by improving search result rankings over time. As a dentist office, you most likely want to rank for your local town or city, right? You would do this by optimizing your pages for keywords such as “dental practice in city, state”. If your dental practice has multiple locations, you could even create a location page for each office to rank for that specific area. With SEO, you’ll also be adding a lot of content to your site and may even want to start a blog in order to rank for other common searches, such as “tooth pain” and “dental implants”.

PPC: Pay-per-click advertisements are the paid ads that show up near the top of Google search results and are great to use for keywords related specifically to services your dental practice offers. With PPC, your agency will bid on words and phrases for an ad to show, which could promote anything from root canals to coming in for a yearly checkup. PPC works especially well for promotions and specials your office may be running. Currently discounting braces? Let searches looking for braces for their children know about your promotion using a PPC campaign.

Social Media: Social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook can have a huge impact in brand awareness. Digital marketing agencies will help you build relationships with current patients of your dental practice and users who may potentially need your services in the future by sharing useful content online. They use social media to spread brand awareness by posting content relevant to your industry, such as articles about teeth whitening and infographics featuring shocking facts about teeth.

Website Redesign: While this isn’t always necessary, if your company has an outdated website, you may want to go with a digital marketing company that offers website redesigns to update the look and feel of the site. Newer sites can offer a more modern look and are usually easier to navigate for the user. A website redesign is especially important if your office’s site isn’t optimized for mobile, meaning that it is hard to use on a smart phone or other devices; this could prevent potential patients from seeing your site if they are searching on a mobile device.

How long does digital marketing take to produce results?

If your dentist office decides to use PPC advertising or social media campaigns, results are seen almost instantaneously. This is because the changes made to PPC and social media go live for others to see, click on and share the second you create the ad or post a picture. However, if your dental practice is using SEO, it can take up to 6 months to start seeing results after implementing new copy or optimizing a page for specific keywords, like “root canal” or “teeth whitening”; SEO is better for long-term optimization, while PPC and social media provide more immediate results.

Unlike PPC or social media, SEO takes time to improve in ranking because a lot of it is based on user experience.  Google doesn’t know how users will react to your website’s new content until they click on it; therefore, optimized webpages will only move up in rank as more users visit the site when searching for keywords related to the page. This shows Google that your content is something users want to see and find useful when searching for information using those keywords. As users continue to go to your site’s page, that page will continue moving up in rank, but can take a while to see results.

Choosing the perfect digital marketing agency for your dental practice

When picking a digital marketing agency for your dentist office, it is important to make sure they are the right fit for your company and good at what they do. Here are a few things to keep in mind while searching for someone to help with your business’s online strategy:

  • Ask if they have worked with a company in dentistry before – When hiring a digital marketing agency for your dental practice, you want someone who has worked with other clients in dentistry before. Someone who is familiar with your business already has a general idea of what keywords and phrases to target, along with what kind of content will work best for your company.
  • Talk with their team – Meeting up with the team you’ll be working with throughout the process enables you to ask questions about how they specially handle dentistry clients and their personal experience. You can also ask questions about what practices they typically use for SEO, what social media sites they think work best for dental practices, how often you would be meeting, and what metrics they like to focus on.
  • Find a digital marketing company in your budget – Make sure the companies you are looking at offer services you can afford.
  • Decide if you want to work with a local company – With a local company, it’s easy to meet in person rather than constantly talking over the phone, depending on your preference. It’s also important to consider that your dental practice is going to be focused on attracting potential patients from the nearby area, so it may help to use a company that is based locally as well since they’ll be familiar with the town.