Top 10 Creative Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital marketing agencies around the world work hard to create a solution that will help take your website and your business to the next level. But if you’re looking for an agency with a creative spin, look no further.

The list we’ve compiled outlines 10 creative digital marketing agencies that offer more than just SEO and PPC. They think outside the box when it comes to marketing your business, and they do it in the most creative ways possible. Most of the agencies on our list reside in New York, but there is also an agency from England, and even Indiana. Regardless of where they’re located, they offer some of the best creative digital marketing solutions around.

These agencies take brands to the next level by making them come to life with photo, video, and creative design. They have top notch designers and artists that specialize in creating the perfect creative elements for your brand so you can distinguish yourself in your industry. You’ll see exactly what we mean when you check out their portfolios.

Rank Company  Location Website
1Mass AppealNew York, NYGO TO SITE
2PublicisNew York, NYGO TO SITE
3360iNew York, NYGO TO SITE
4Launch Digital MarketingNaperville, INGO TO SITE
5IronpaperNew York, NYGO TO SITE
6GreyLondon, EnglandGO TO SITE
7FlightpathNew York, NYGO TO SITE
8AvexNew York, NY GO TO SITE
9FirstbornNew York, NYGO TO SITE
10GyroNew York, NYGO TO SITE

10. Gyro


New York, New York

With 14 offices around the world, Gyro is home to 600 employees that know how to create digital marketing strategies that work for any business.

Besides their creative and design capabilities, they also offer strategies for analytics, content marketing, mobile marketing, SEO, SEM, social media, public relations, and CRM.

Gyro’s “fuel” is emotion. They say “ideas that ignite emotions are ideas that ignite business,” which has become the agency’s personal mission.

They’ve applied this emotional framework to marketing campaigns for HP, Aflac, Danone, eBay, FedEx, John Deere, BlackBerry, and Visa.

9. Firstborn


New York, New York

Firstborn was founded in 1997 and has provided design for their clients ever since. They’ve helped the digital marketing industry evolve, and they understand what today’s marketing strategies require to stand out.

They provide a strategic design process which helps their clients understand their own brand’s potential with the use of digital strategies, and helps them every step of the way. They work on just about every digital marketing strategy you can name – online experience, content, rebranding, virtual reality, app development, ecommerce, and even products that help their clients’ brands grow.

With all of that from one agency, Firstborn has proven time and time again that there’s no limit for their clients’ growth.

Some of their thriving clients include L’Oreal, HBO, Vonage, Pepsi, Audible, and Rolex. Firstborn has also won more than 20 industry awards praising their work.

8. Avex


New York, New York

Though Avex is a small team, they have been using their big ideas for successful strategies ever since 2013. They’re dedicated to providing their services to a range of different businesses including everything from small to enterprise.

Their creativity constantly brings something new to technology and user experience for their clients. The agency’s specialist teams also collaborate to invent the best possible creative strategy for each client with that client’s full collaboration and support.

Their creative services include user experience design, ecommerce design, creative direction, information architecture, interactive design, and responsive design.

With all of their impressive services, they’ve been able to serve impressive clients like HBO, Google, Localmaven, USA Network, and eDiuu.

7. Flightpath


New York, New York

Fightpath is unique because though they always use a core set of strategies, they know that the market is always evolving, so their strategies do too.

Flightpath provides a unique range of creative services, including web design, web development, user experience design, mobile app design, and even game design.

Flightpath regularly studies what works well in each marketing strategy so they can prepare a working framework for any client’s needs. With it, they continuously create great designs for by applying that framework to a client’s unique business model, audience, and goals.

For their design services, Flightpath digs into details like typography, images, colors, and even the padding among different elements. But even with their big ideas, it’s their attention to detail that makes them so good.

Flightpath has applied this methodology to marketing strategies for Goya, MinWax, USGA, Showtime, Home Again, and WageWorks, among others.

6. Grey


London, England

Grey gets creative with every marketing strategy out there — slogans, commercials, apps, and way more.

They understand the importance of advertising on all channels to increase brand awareness.

They specialize in creative design elements for video marketing, television advertising, digital advertising, online media, and social media.

Additionally, they specialize in a multitude of industries including automotive, non-profit, food, beauty, electronics, and culture.

Some of their most impressive clients include worldwide brands like Bose, Volvo, WildAid, McVitie’s, Gillette, and Greene King.

5. Ironpaper


New York, New York

Ironpaper’s creativity comes from the knowledge that design must have a purpose. That inspires them to focus on helping their clients become the best businesses possible through web design and online marketing campaigns.

When clients work with Ironpaper, they get persona-driven strategies to appeal directly to a client’s specific audience.

They research brands and create the perfect strategy to each unique client based on their needs and goals. They then present designs to the client and plan the website’s architecture and design so that everything is mapped out before creation. Lastly, Ironpaper will create a website that advertises the client’s brand in the best way possible.

Ironpaper’s esteemed list of clients features brands like Art Students League of New York, Crossfit, and Jazz at the Lincoln Center.

4. Launch Digital Marketing


Naperville, IN

Launch Digital Marketing doesn’t only have a creative work space — they also have a complete team of in-house designers that knows how to grow automotive brands to new heights.

Their copywriters create the best possible content to go with the expert web design and multimedia elements crafted by other teams. All of this amounts to a powerful marketing strategy for any client, no matter their industry.

Their niche list of marketing clients includes Toyota, Acura, Jaguar, and Land Rover.

3. 360i


New York, New York

360i focuses on design. In fact, their office features 532 feet of whiteboard surface with more than 1,600 doodles to spur creative thinking. All of those doodles were completely necessary to produce awesome results for brands like Canon, HBO, Oscar Mayer, and the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.

The agency believes two heads are always better than one, which is why their specialists collaborate across departments whenever a client needs a new solution.

Their creative services include mobile design, web design, copywriting, content development, photography, video production, art production, retouching, brand identity, and system design.

2. Publicis


New York, New York

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Publicis lives by the mantra “Outwit. Outwork. Outpace.” With that as their backbone, this agency knows how to stay ahead of the industry by inventing the best creative marketing strategies for their clients.

Their creative services have no limit. They include print design, digital advertisements, commercial creation, and even rain-activated advertising.

But that only scratches the surface of Publicis’s capabilities. From their headquarters in Paris, France, Publicis is the parent of dozens of other marketing agencies, including Leo Burnett Worldwide, Saatchi & Saatchi, and Razorfish.

With so much to offer and so many subsidiaries, Publicis has worked with worldwide household names, including Coca-Cola, Crest, Dawn, Eddie Bauer, and Champion.

1. Mass Appeal


New York, NY

Mass Appeal is the paramount of creative digital agencies.

This agency speaks to the client audiences through creative elements like art, music, and film.

They call themselves a “motley crew of published authors, music innovators, traditional agency ex-pats, content mavens, and entrepreneurs,” which sets them apart in terms of expertise and capabilities.

Mass Appeal works in just about every aspect of marketing, including building ads, television commercials, original music, artist collaborations, and social activations.

Mass Appeal’s previous success stories include well-known brands like HBO, CNN, Sprite, Red Bull, and Nike.

Pick a creative digital marketing agency that is hand-crafted for your business

Every business has a different vision in mind of how their brand should look and feel. The goal is to find a creative agency that can bring your vision to life.

Choosing the perfect digital agency should consist of doing research and asking questions to make sure that the one you choose is a perfect match for your business.

When you’re trying to find the perfect creative agency, keep in mind that they should look to completely understand your brand, your competition, your audience, and your goals so that they can craft the perfect designs for you. With this kind of understanding, the digital marketing agency will be able to craft a strategy that is completely custom to your agency and your needs. They’ll even be able to throw in some personalized elements to target your audience, beat your competition, and crush your personal business goals.

They should also be transparent with their pricing and offer you updates on how your strategy is working, along with any changes they suggest. They should work with your business through every step of the process to ensure that everything is to your liking, and keep in mind that their pricing should always be reasonable.

You should also check out some of their testimonials and reviews to see what other business owners liked or didn’t like about working with the company. This can offer some awesome insight into the company before making a commitment and help you to avoid any potential pitfalls during your partnership.

Also be sure to check out their portfolio to see the work they’ve done in the past. Does it fit the style you’re looking for? Is it the quality of work that you desire? These are all great questions to ask before making a decision.

We hope that our list of the 10 best digital creative agencies has helped your business find your perfect creative match!

Happy creating!

full disclosure: we operate on affiliate advertisements like this one