2018 List of Best Digital Design Agencies

Strong design is a core principle of successful marketing. Without a good designer — or a good design agency — your company could lose thousands of clients and millions of dollars because of poor visuals.

With the popularity of the Internet growing every day, it’s more important now than ever before to make sure your brand has a strong design.

That means you need good web design and graphic design, and it’s hard to find agencies that offer both.

Web designers need to be sleek, budget-conscious, and constantly thinking about user interaction.

Graphic designers think much more about the overall impact of a creation on a consumer without the constraints of interactivity.

But despite the differences, some agencies can do both. The list below is comprised of the 50 best digital design agencies in the world — and that includes both web design and graphic design.

If you want to find a partner for your company, you’ll be able to find one here in no time.

The Best Digital Design Agencies of 2022

Rank Grade Company Price Level City/State Employees Website
198%Mass Appeal$$$$$Tokyo, Japan100+GO TO SITE
297%Blue Fountain Media$$$New York, NY100+GO TO SITE
396%Hudson$$$$New York, NY100+GO TO SITE
495%6S Marketing$$$$$Vancouver, Canada100+GO TO SITE
594%Native VML$$$$Johannesburg, South Africa100+GO TO SITE
693%Rokkan$$$$$New York, NY51-100GO TO SITE
792%Frog Design$$$$San Francisco, CA51-100GO TO SITE
891%R/GA$$$$$New York, NY51-100GO TO SITE
990%RED Interactive Agency$$$$Santa Monica, CA51-100GO TO SITE
1089%WebFX$$Harrisburg, PA51-100GO TO SITE
1185%StinkDigital$$$$London, UK100+GO TO SITE
1284%Flightpath$$$$$New York, NY51-100GO TO SITE
1383%R2integrated$$$$Baltimore, MD26-50GO TO SITE
1482%Crafted$$$$$New York, NY51-100GO TO SITE
1580%Carousel30$$$$Washington, DC26-50GO TO SITE
1679%Xperience Interactive$$$$$Santa Monica, CA51-100GO TO SITE
1778%SPINX Digital$$$$Los Angeles, CA100+GO TO SITE
1876%Caravan Interactive$$$$New York, NY51-100GO TO SITE
1975%Canvas$$$$New York, NY26-50GO TO SITE
2074%Big Drop, Inc.$$$$$New York, NY100+GO TO SITE
2173%Envol$$$$Casablanca, Morocco100+GO TO SITE
2271%Blue Interactive Agency$$$$$Fort Lauderdale, FL51-100GO TO SITE
2370%CA Creative$$$$$New York, NY51-100GO TO SITE
2469%Kounterattack Design$$$$New York, NY100+GO TO SITE
2567%Fantasy$$$$Stockholm, Sweden100+GO TO SITE
2666%A Logo Co.$$$$$Miami, FL1-10GO TO SITE
2765%Studiocom$$$$Atlanta, GA51-100GO TO SITE
2863%Aumcore, LLC$$$$$New York, NY51-100GO TO SITE
2962%MEplusYOU$$$$$Dallas, TX26-50GO TO SITE
3062%Huemor$$$$New York, NY51-100GO TO SITE
3161%Union$$$$$Charlotte, NC26-50GO TO SITE
3259%Engine Digital$$$$Vancouver, Canada100+GO TO SITE
3358%Brooklyn Digital Foundry$$$$$New York, NY26-50GO TO SITE
3456%DBNY$$$$$New York, NY1-10GO TO SITE
3555%Tandemodus$$$$Chicago, IL51-100GO TO SITE
3654%BRINK$$$$$Washington, DC51-100GO TO SITE
3753%SMDigital$$$$Delray Beach, FL1-10GO TO SITE
3851%Springbox$$$$$Austin, TX51-100GO TO SITE
3950%DesignMap$$$$San Francisco, CA26-50GO TO SITE
4049%KKLD$$$$$Berlin, Germany51-100GO TO SITE
4148%Akavit $$$$$Denver, CO51-100GO TO SITE
4246%Cuker$$$$San Diego, CA51-100GO TO SITE
4343%Siegel + Gale$$$$$New York, NY26-50GO TO SITE
4442%Dom & Tom$$$$New York, NY51-100GO TO SITE
4541%Firstborn$$$$New York, NY51-100GO TO SITE
4639%Code and Theory$$$$$New York, NY100+GO TO SITE
4736%Swarm$$$$$New York, NY26-50GO TO SITE
4834%Juice Interactive$$$$Chicago, IL11-25GO TO SITE
4933%Agency 323$$$$Austin, TX26-50GO TO SITE
5032%Ruckus Marketing$$$$$New York, NY51-100GO TO SITE

Mass Appeal

Getting their start in 1996, Mass Appeal provides their clients with unique content and media that creates the perfect online presence for their brand.

Mass Appeal’s main goal is to help their clients’ brands grow. To do so, they offer services including content production, TV production, post production, original music, and even artist collaborations.

Blue Fountain Media

Blue Fountain Media is a digital agency located in New York, NY.

They work to bring your vision to life with their design, and they do so via logos, print design, video design, packaging design, and more. They don’t just stop at design offerings though.

They also offer services including website development, mobile apps, strategy and consulting, and other digital marketing strategies.


Hudson is a digital marketing agency that provides everything from strategy to design.

Their obsession is to understand their clients’ business needs and craft the perfect strategy to help them succeed online.

Their services include SEO, PPC, digital PR, social media marketing, content creation, email marketing, brand identity, process management, and more.

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What makes a great digital design agency?

For a digital design company to be great, there’s a few qualities it has to have. Let’s talk about the characteristics that got these agencies on our list!

1. They offer a variety of digital design services

For a digital design agency to make our list, they have to offer multiple digital design services. It’s not enough to simply offer website design — these agencies have to offer design, tool integration, form creation, and more.

When a business is looking for a web design, they want a site that will perform for their business. That means it has elements that will increase sales, encourage form submissions, and ultimately increase revenue year over year. Digital design agencies know that in order to be successful in their industry, they have to provide more than just a great web design.

Here are some other services that the best digital design agencies offer:

  • website development
  • tool integration
  • form integration
  • content implementation
  • images and multimedia
  • effective, simple navigation
  • website coding
  • website analytics

These sub-services ensure that the web design that the agency creates is successful.

2. They’re transparent

The best digital design agencies are transparent in every way.

First and foremost, the best agencies will have pricing tables on their website, so that interested clients know right away whether or not they can afford the agencies services. This saves a lot of valuable time in the long run, and also shows that the agency has nothing to hide. If an agency doesn’t post transparent pricing, they could end up overcharging you, or tacking hidden fees onto their services.

They should also be transparent about whether or not they think you’re a good fit. The best digital design agencies will tell you up front whether or not they can accomplish your web design goals, and they’ll have no problem kindly turning you away if they don’t have the capacity to take on your website, or if they don’t think you’d be a good fit for their services.

Further in the process, the best digital design agencies will be transparent with you about how your website is performing as well.

3. They have a great website themselves

The best digital design agencies will practice what they preach. That means it’s pretty safe to assume that a web design agency with a bad web design might not be the best option.

You should look through the agency’s website to ensure that their design is aesthetically pleasing and effective. If they don’t it means they probably can’t deliver properly for your business either.

4. They contact you in a timely manner

After you fill out a contact form, the waiting game begins. You’re anxious to hear from your new potential digital web design company to determine whether or not they’re a great fit for what you have in mind.

The best digital design agencies will get back to you in a timely manner. They won’t make you wait weeks, or even days to hear back from them — rather you should hear from them within 48 hours. When they take initiative, it’s a precursor to how responsive they’ll be during the design process.

If you have to wait weeks to hear back from an agency that you’ve contacted, they might not be the best agency to work with.

What does a digital design agency do?

If you’re curious as to what a digital design agency does, you’re not alone. Read on to learn about some of the most popular services offered by digital design agencies!

1. Get to know your business

Before a digital design company can put together the perfect web design for your business, they have to get to know you on a deeper level. They’ll ask you questions about your brand, how long you’ve been in business, and your top competitors. This information is key in helping the digital agency determine how to start brainstorming for your website.

Talking with them about your brand will help them determine things like color scheme and organization, while getting to know your competitors will allow them to draw inspiration from other front runners in your industry.

2. Wire framing

The first part in any design process is creating an outline and a wire frame. This allows you, the client, to determine if you’d like the agency to continue with the design, or try something new.

This part of the process ends up saving a lot of time in the long run because it helps the agency determine exactly what you want right off the bat, and before they’ve spent too much time on the design.

Be sure that the digital design company that you choose offers a wire framing stage!

3. Website design and development

Digital design agencies specialize in the design and development of websites. Their team of specialists will work to code your website so that it looks and performs its best

4. Tool and form implementation

There is a lot of back-end initiatives that digital design companies take on as well. For example, implementing tools and contact forms on your website is a must.

Designers and developers on the team will work together to create an aesthetically pleasing contact form that will entice interested clients to submit their information to you. Not only that, but they’ll also use their knowledge to implement tools that you’re interested in on your website.


5. Design analytics

Implementing a new website design without tracking its success is essentially useless. It’s important to analyze how users are interacting with a website to determine what elements should be changed or tweaked for maximum engagement.

Digital design agencies have access to tons of tools and platforms that allow them to analyze different page elements on different pages of your site to make the most of your design.

How to choose the best digital design company for your business

Choosing from our long list of amazing digital design agencies is no easy task. Here are some tips for choosing the right agency for you:

1. Consider your budget

Budget should be one of the first things you consider when it comes to hiring a digital design agency. The price of design varies widely from company to company, so it’s important to set a budget up front and make note of how much services cost from each agency that you’re interested in.

If they charge too much for their services, move on to the next. You should never over-spend on design, especially when the prices vary greatly.

To ensure that you’re realistic about pricing, be sure to look at a few different design prices before setting your budget.

2. Consider location

Since design services are done digitally, location is rarely a make-or-break characteristic of an agency. However, if you like to meet in-person with everyone working with your business, location is something to consider.

Be sure to tell the agency up front that you have concerns about location, and find out what their process is for working with out-of-state clients. If you’re satisfied with meeting less often with an agency that is farther away, that’s great! If you’d like to meet more often with a local agency, that’s fine too!

Just be sure to consider location before signing on the dotted line.

3. Consider their service offerings

Before determining if a digital design agency is right for you, it’s crucial that you determine whether or not they offer all the services you’re looking for. If they don’t, it’s best to keep looking. It’ll be less stressful and more effective to hire one agency for all of your digital design needs.

You’ll likely only have to communicate your ideas one time since the information you provide can be shared within teams.

Not to mention, some digital agencies provide discounts when you opt for more than one of their services.

Looking for more agencies?

If none of these 50 agencies works for your company, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered!

Check out our list of the 50 best digital marketing agencies to find a marketing partner that works for you!

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